Dental Implant Dentistry St. Clair ShoresWhen it comes to Dental Implants, there is a lot of misinformation being shared. People are avoiding visiting their dentist for a consultation based on bad data! Dental Implants are being labeled as high-cost, painful, time-consuming, and more.

The reality is that Dental Implants are a great solution for many people, especially those who don’t need a partial replacement or full replacement with dentures. Implants, especially when they are replacing only a few teeth, are often cost-effective, implanted with minimal pain (about the same as other dental procedures such as a crowns/bridge), and many implants can be performed in about an hour. There is a return visit to place a permanent tooth after a temporary tooth, but the visit is rather short.

Considering Dental Implants? Here’s what you need to know.

Are they costly?

They can be, but for the replacement of just a few damaged teeth, it makes more financial and practical sense than getting a full replacement with dentures. The cost of getting a dental implant is a combination of:

  • Procedures: Extraction of damaged teeth, prepping & placing the implant
  • Parts: Implant posts made from biocompatible material, a temporary tooth, and the permanent tooth
  • Medication: Oral sedatives, numbing agents, pain relief, etc.

There are long-term savings after the dental implant is placed. The chances you’ll ever have to replace an implant are small, whereas replacement of dentures is more common and more costly. Equally, you won’t need to buy special denture glue & hygiene products (i.e. Fixodent, Polident, brushes, cleaning cases); you simply clean them like a normal tooth!

Are they painful?

Dental Implants may seem more painful to place but the pain is about the same as a routine dental procedure. Dentists and their staff work hard to make sure you are comfortable during the implant process, and after medication wears off it is more “discomfort” than pain, and it lasts between 24 – 48 hours, the same as a routine procedure such as an extraction or crown/bridge.

How long do they last?

It’s common for dental literature to say that implants can last two decades or more, but if properly cared for with a combination of good dental hygiene and routine dental exams that find and solve problems early, an implant can last much longer. Unlike dentures, which may need to be replaced every 5-10 years due to breakage, change in fit / jaw structure, or other causes, implants can last throughout a patient’s lifetime.

How do you take care of them?

One of the most wonderful things about dental implants is that you will care for them like your regular teeth. With the investment made into the implant(s), it’s important to bring your best effort with daily dental hygiene. As with regular teeth, keep them clean and plaque-free twice each day by brushing, flossing, and using a mouthwash, such an as antibacterial mouth rinse. If you experience pain or sensitivity around the implant area (or any other teeth), speak with your dentist about using products made for sensitive teeth, and brush around the affected area gently.

Of course, part of caring for your beautiful implants includes regular dental exams and cleanings.

What will change during my dental cleaning if I have implants?

Your dental visits will remain much the same. Periodontal charting will be performed on all of your teeth by your dentist or hygienist, where they will probe and measure your gum line to monitor and prevent issues. They will still take routine x-rays to monitor changes in your dental health. The only addition is that they may check the implant to ensure there is no looseness and that all of the implant hardware is functioning properly.

What’s Next?

Whether you are considering dental implants, you already have them, the Gentle Dentists can take care of you! Schedule an appointment with Dr. Tolias & Associates online so we can help you with a plan for a pain-free, lifelong smile!