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FAMILY DENTISTRY in St. Clair Shores

There’s really only one family dental practice in St. Clair Shores: Gentle Dentist Smile Spa, where every member of your family will find the best dental care all throughout their lifetime- from a “very first” childhood cleaning, to fitting a first set of dentures, and everything in between.

Second-to-None Dentistry for Your Family.

We care for your family’s dental needs throughout their entire life, helping you & your loved ones painlessly through each phase of dental health. Are you tired of your kids voicing their dread over an upcoming visit to the dentist, or do you yourself dread the appointment? Or maybe you are tired of changing dentists all the time, or visiting many different practitioners because you need dental procedures your family dentist cannot perform. No matter where you are in life, you need to pick a dentist who will be there for you. That’s what we do at Gentle Dentist Smile Spa. Some patients even travel hundreds of miles to stay with the family dentist they can trust!

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