Dentistry for Kids





Dentistry for Kids can be fun, educational, AND exciting.

Is your child scared of the dentist? Or perhaps they experience pain during the visit, get bored waiting for the dentist to arrive, or any number of “complaints” about why they don’t look forward to their dental visit. That’s because not every practice really does Dentistry for Kids! It’s our goal at the Gentle Dentist to make all of your child’s visits EASY, COMFORTABLE, AND FUN. How do we do it?

Just like you, we know how kids work, and we know that no two are the same. We play to many interests – we offer lots of options for fun. Many kids love to name their favorite fish in our amazing aquarium. Active kids love to play with all of the toys in the office. Artistic kids love to draw & color before an appointment. Adventurous kids love to take a ride in the chair. Inquisitive kids love that they can ask lots of questions and be involved in learning the answers. And ALL of our kids love to pick a prize from our treasure chest after their visit! We consider this what makes us qualified to say – we are a GREAT dentist for kids.

Keep your child excited about seeing the dentist and great dental health will follow.

After checking in, meeting the fish and having some play time, your child can have a ride in the dentist’s chair if they’d like – and, if you’ve got a little one and it will make them feel better, Mom or Dad can have them sit on their lap during the visit.  Our hygienists talk about setting goals with your kids and create rewards for frequent flossing, great brushing, or zero cavities.  Many kids who started with our practice started bringing their kids here when they were “grown ups” because we helped them keep their teeth healthy!

Gentle Dentist – Smile Spa has more than 500 kids as current, active patients. We consider dentistry for kids a big part of what we do best.

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