Your Child’s First Visit





Prepare for Your Child’s First Dental Visit


Let's get your child ready for their First Dental Visit.

  • Talk to them about why they are going. Germs are bad – especially on teeth! The dentist will help them fight away nasty germs.
  • Tell them about the fish in our amazing aquarium, the toys, the treasure chest, and that we have iPads for them to play games on in the reception room, and can even take a ride in the chair. Get them excited!
  • Make sure to talk about how the people they look up to – their cousins, siblings, etc. – all go to the dentist because it’s an important part of being a “big kid”.
  • Think of a special reward of your own – something your little one REALLY loves to do, or has been wanting – and consider offering that after their visit. After all, getting through their first appointment is a really BIG DEAL!

We take a special approach to keeping your child excited about seeing the dentist.

After checking in, meeting the fish and having some play time, our hygienist will come to the waiting room to introduce themselves to your child and talk with them for a few minutes to help them feel more at ease. We’ll then let them have a ride in the dentist’s chair if they’d like – and if it will make them feel better, Mom or Dad can have them sit on their lap during the visit.

Gentle Dentist Smile Spa has more than 500 kids as current, active patients, and we consider dentistry for kids a big part of what we do best.

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