Advanced dental procedures all have the potential of experiencing complications, whether those complications result from poor performance on the doctor’s part, an unforeseen circumstance that is often hard to detect, or poor after care / routine care on the patient’s behalf. Fortunately, many dentists are experienced in Dental Implants, and in general, they have a 95-98% success rate for a period of 40 – 50 years!

Signs of complications can include pain, as you’d expect, and can also include bleeding from the implant area, swelling around the implant well after it has been installed, looseness of the implant, and more.

Some of the complications to be cautious of:

  1. Peri-implantitis. This is the term for bone loss in the mouth, and can result from poor daily care. If left untreated, and the bone loss is severe, it is irreversible and the implant will likely be lost. This can be avoided by proper daily care and dental visits. Watch for any bleeding around the implant area, which should signal an emergency trip to the dentist.
  2. Allergic Reaction. Although rare, some patients may be sensitive or even allergic to the materials used in the implant. Call your dentist immediately if you believe you are experiencing a reaction.
  3. Nerve Damage. If performed by a dentist who is not experienced in dental implants, they could mistakenly place the implant too close to a nerve, resulting in long-term nerve damage.
  4. Implant Doesn’t Graft to Bone. Even if the implant was placed in a good location, the bone itself in that area may be soft and/or may not properly attach to the implant hardware. In this case the implant may feel loose or uncomfortable, and you’ll want to see your doctor immediately.

Other issues are possible, but rare. Make sure when you begin the process of selecting a permanent solution for your teeth, you find an excellent dentist to help you with that solution.

What’s Next?

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